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Anti-Hero's Journey: The Zero With a Thousand Faces is “the most concise, entertaining, irreverent, and punk-rock set of pointing-out instructions ever seen.” (From the foreword by Dr. Mike Stone, MD)


Joseph Campbell famously described the pattern imbedded in every good story, from ancient mythology to science fiction, as the Hero’s Journey, the Monomyth: “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder; fabulous forces are encountered and a decisive victory is won; the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.” The Hero With a Thousand Faces.


The Hero’s Journey is a fantastic children’s story. Alternatively, this book is for adults only. When you are ready to see the pattern of reality inscribed on the bottom of every story, Anti-Hero’s Journey offers the Zeromyth: “A zero ventures further than a hero, beyond the illusions of supernatural wonder, beyond fabulous forces, beyond decisive victory, never returning from a mysterious adventure, unknowing everything untrue. There are no powers, no boons, no fellow man. The zero has nothing, gives nothing, takes nothing, is nothing. The hero is all illusion, all reality is zero.” The Zero With a Thousand Faces.


Anti-Hero's Journeyis a warped war memoir describing the way to Enlightenment from Captain Ben "Doc" Askins, PhD (Hon.). Doc is no one. He is Banksy’s erudite elder brother, a Deadpool wannabe, and the Shadow of the world’s most interesting man. When artificial intelligence has a fever dream, it dreams of being Doc. He is a son, brother, husband, father, veteran, psycho, therapist, and friend. He is the grinning embodiment of the Duchenne marker, all of his lies are true, and he wrote this book with tears in his eyes for you and only you.


  • There are lots of books about psychedelics. This book is a psychedelic.

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